“Brienna is one of the most patient and passionate yoga instructors I’ve ever had. I’m always impressed by her ability to scale the practice to my own skill level while inspiring me to push myself. Above all else, she is a kind and friendly person and every time I leave one of her classes I feel more positive about my life and practice.

-Nina Ross

“Brienna is a totally wonderful Yoga teacher in so many ways… I have had the privilege of both working with Brienna as well as attending her classes myself. I have been so inspired by the way in which she is endlessly positive, supportive and compassionate towards the people who attend her classes… she leads her classes with sensitivity and grace… Brienna is diligent in both her own yoga practice and her teaching, she is always looking out for ways in which to adjust her students and makes people feel relaxed, welcome and at peace in her delightful classes… I am very blessed to know Brienna and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to hire an exceptional and truly outstanding yoga teacher.”

-Lucy Hocknell (Yoga & Pilates Instructor)

Doing yoga with Brienna has been one of my favorite things to do in my workout routine. I love her calm demeanor and powerful lessons. Every time I finish a class I feel like I can conquer the world. She taught my body poses it did not know it could perform and loved every minute of it. She is missed dearly in Germany.

-Adriana Yampey

“Whenever I approach Brienna Pruce’s work I sense a unique sublimity in the images presented. The artist knows how to convey in her work empathy as well as curiosity for the creature represented. Well aware of the natural world around her, Pruce captures the charm, vitality and innocence of young animals and anthropomorphizes them, bringing them closer to our own experience. There is a subtle childhood nostalgia evoked in her narratives that transcend the physical world and attempt to reach out for the spiritual realm. This is due to the use of the airy “sfumato” painting effect that blurs the edges and contours of the composition. After watching closely the artist evolution I can think of three “E” words that describe Brienna and her work: Enthusiastic, Energetic and Ethereal.”

-Patrick McGrath Muniz (Artist)

“Juxtaposing the commonplace with the surreal, Brienna’s artwork invites us to a world that is relentlessly mature while never failing to be strikingly innocent.”

-Vladimir Valentinov Neykov (Artist)